Predator Next Door: Stalker Dark Romance (Run Rabbit, Run Book 2)

Predator Next Door: Stalker Dark Romance (Run Rabbit, Run Book 2)


C.B. Blackburn

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"We will carve our names into your skin, baby doll."

One year had passed since I ran away from the States, and every night my dreams are haunted by HIM. He haunts each corner of my mind, and I can hear his mocking voice, whispering so sweetly yet so sickly how he will catch me. I always wake up in a cold sweat, breathing heavily and praying he isn't lurking in one of the corners of my bedroom. My mind always pictures his sky-blue eyes shining from the darkness, peering at me with twisted obsession.

Christopher Rabbit had never once left my mind. He is like a plague that I want to get rid of. He is like a drug that won't leave my system no matter how many times I go into rehab.

Even though I started a new life in London, I cannot help but feel like he will pop out of nowhere, invading my life again, digging his fangs in my flesh and injecting his venomous love into my veins.

Predator Next Door is the second book in the Run Rabbit, Run Series. In order to understand this book, I suggest you read the first one: Next Door Stalker- The Neighbour.


The content in this book may trigger and derange some people. It's a dark psychological romance containing highly sexual themes with dark kinks such as Consensual Non-Con, Gun and Knife Play, and Predator/Prey Kink. Other sensitive content is PTSD, chaotic childhood trauma, high anxiety, gaslighting, blackmail, privacy invasion, twincest between brothers, and forced marriage.

P.S: The relationship in this book shouldn't be treated as a relationship goal. This is pure fiction and should be treated as such.

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