The 28 Year Old FRESHER

The 28 Year Old FRESHER


K. S. Adi

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May 27, 2023

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"What if you read a romantic story, you loved it so much that it becomes a part of your life and one day you realize YOU are actually LIVING IT!!!"
Rudra was contented by serving the nation as a SPY, after-all he was the best at whatever he chose to do. But one accident and his fate changed forever. The loss of his loved ones, forced him to come out of the world of military and be what his people needed him to be, the future King of Agnavansh.
But as per the rules, Rudra must have a 'wife' to be crowned as a King. But he was ready to leave the post than to marry someone. Although, he was searching for someone in particular but he was sure, he never wants to bring anyone in his life. Nobody was made for him. The pain inside him silenced his heart to such a degree and even the calling from his soul didn't reach his ears.
Drishti, who gets visions from past or future, has waited for the man of her dreams for years and years. But every man in the real world disappointed her to such a degree that she finally gave up. She found her happiness in the fictional stories she read. She not only read them but lived them. The romances of an author's imaginations were keeping her alive. She has made a decision to not allow anyone in her life ever. And even if she allows, she was sure no one can understand the kind of bond, the kind of intimacy she is looking for. She prepared herself to spend this lifetime alone.
But Universe had other plans for these 2 souls who were destined to find each other.
Get ready to experience a story filled with synchronicity, a passionate, soulful, soothing romance between two strong willed, stubborn and crazy personalities. A realization of love between 2 people who are perfect for each other, 2 strangers understanding each other as if they were always together.

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