How to Become a Writer? Simple Steps to Start a Writing Career

How to Become a Writer? Simple Steps to Start a Writing Career

The steps you must take to become a writer and start your writing career

If you’re passionate about jotting down your thoughts in a journal or making up short and creative stories in your head, you may be perfect for starting your career as a writer. In general, writers are creative individuals who enjoy writing their thoughts and experiences and sharing them with others. For individuals blessed with good expressive skills, writing is a natural career option that can prove to be quite lucrative.

While not every writer needs to write a novel to establish themselves, you can write short stories or articles online to earn money. Some people even write for their local newspaper or enjoy writing for television and movie scripts. There is a massive range of jobs that writers can do, which is why it is one of the hottest professions. If you’re also looking to jumpstart your career in the writing industry, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will share some simple tips on how you can become a writer, along with the steps you must take to start a writing career.

What Does a Writer Do?

A writer is an individual who focuses on creating different forms of literary or written content in the form of articles, novels, and even poetry. They use their creativity to share their experiences with an audience by stringing together words in a manner that can be easily understood by them. It is a creative field and requires a fair amount of thinking to express thoughts, feelings, and emotions to others clearly.

Many writers spend a considerable amount of their time on research and editing when working on a written piece. They keep working on their piece until they feel it is ready to be shared with the public. The one thing that all writers aspire to do is educate and entertain their audience in a manner that sparks their imagination. This is why writing is also one of the hardest professions since you must connect with your audience through your words.

How to Become a Writer?

While most people will tell you that the steps to becoming a writer involve you starting to write, there are certain things you must do to become a thorough and effective writer. That will ensure you can master all the different aspects of the field and become a versatile writer who can work on any topic. As with most things in life, preparation is key, and you must put in the effort to become a writer if you want to be successful at the job.

Not everyone can become a great writer since it requires great skill and determination to ensure you hit all the right spots. Many people tend to struggle in the beginning, even though they are blessed with the writing bug. However, becoming a successful writer requires a lot of commitment. To help you out, we will share the simple steps you can take to start a writing career. Here is what you must do:

1. Find Inspiration from Somewhere

If you want to become a truly successful writer, you should think about what inspires you the most to share your innermost thoughts and desires with the public. Creative writers need a steady flow of inspiration to keep on churning out the words that will resonate with their audience. You must find something that you are passionate about and then use it to inspire your writing.

When deeply inspired, you will use better words and expressions, which will be received well by audiences. The best part about inspiration is that you can take it from anywhere. You can spend more time outdoors or partake in a hobby that you enjoy, and it will provide the inspiration that will help you jumpstart your writing career.

2. Consider What Type of Writing Interests You

There are numerous writing styles and genres, and you must know which ones interest you the most as a writer. You must narrow down what you want to write and share with your audience. Whether you want to be writing novels, children’s books, news articles, or blog posts, you need to know your strengths. Once you know what you want to write, you can start focusing on honing your skills to become better as a writer.

You preferably should go for writing that interests you because you want to make it into a career. So don’t get stuck on what type of writing you want to do. As we have already discussed above, you need to be inspired as a writer to grab the masses’ attention.

3. Read More Books

If your goal is to become a good writer, you must first look to become a good reader. You need to understand what you want to write and how you should go about writing it, and reading helps you with all of that. You should take notes on what kind of writing styles and genres are the most appealing and which ones excite you the most. Reading also helps improve your cognitive thinking skills and allows you to enhance your vocabulary at the same time.

When you spend a lot of time reading, you begin to subconsciously incorporate new writing tactics or concepts into your writing. In short, the more you read, the better your writing is going to get, and you will also gain a distinct voice.

You should sign up for our daily newsletter to receive a variety of books in your email. This will put a selection of books in front of you each day. Be sure to pick at least one or two each week.  You should also visit your local library to ask for book recommendations or ask your friends and family for their favorite books to improve your writing.

4. Keep a Writer’s Blog or Journal

If you want to practice and hone your skills as a writer, you must put in the hours, and what better way to do that than by keeping your blog or journal. Practicing your writing is extremely important, whether you blog about your daily life or jotting down little stories that come into your head. You need to become comfortable with the process of writing, and keeping a journal or a blog will ensure that the writing bug doesn’t leave you.

You can also start blogging about things that interest you, as this will allow you to use your inspiration in your writing. Writing about your interests will also ensure that you don’t get bored or tired when you are writing and will keep practicing your art and developing your writing skills. Therefore, you should set aside a little time to practice blogging or journaling throughout the day.

5. Start Writing and Sharing Your Work

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve wanted to become a writer; the simplest thing you can do to start your writing career is simply getting started. The most important step of all is to start writing and then use your inspiration in your writing. As you spend more time writing, your skills will improve, and you will find the writing process easier and natural.

This will also give you confidence as a writer to tackle different subjects, and you can start sharing your work with your family and friends to get their feedback. You should have someone look over your work and give you pointers or advice on which areas you can improve upon. As a writer, you must accept criticism because that is the only way you will improve your skills. Once you have taken the advice and criticism, you can improve your work as a writer and create work that gets recognized.

When you’re ready to share your work with the public, you should consider signing up for an account at Medium, Wattpad, or Booksie. Each of these platforms requires some effort to understand but offers ample opportunities to receive comments and feedback.


Starting your writing career may seem like an overwhelming challenge, but it becomes quite simple to achieve if you know what steps you must take. A lot of people dream about becoming writers when they are young. However, most of them end up abandoning their dream because they simply didn’t know where to start. You shouldn’t make the same mistake, as we have clearly defined the simple steps you must take if you want to start your writing career. So, don’t waste time. Follow these steps and jumpstart your writing career today.

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