Become A Better Writer Today with These Nine Ideas

Become A Better Writer Today with These Nine Ideas

Boy Learning at Typewriter

We all start somewhere. Even the greatest writers began the same place that each of us did. We started with how to write words on those pages that looked like traffic lines. Then we progressed to sentences and paragraphs.

While many people failed to get much beyond that point, writers continue on the path of becoming, well, better writers. We weave our stories with words in the same manner that an artist might use a brush.

Becoming a better writer is an ongoing process. It’s not something that happens overnight, but with the right approach, you can become more of a creative wordsmith. Here are 9 great ways to work on writing skills.

  1. Appraise your writing skills now
  2. Keep a journal and play
  3. Build a treasure trove of great lines
  4. Learn by giving feedback
  5. Get constructive feedback, too
  6. Be a copycat like Bach
  7. Set yourself challenges
  8. Play with constraints
  9. Allow yourself dud days


Want to dive deeper into each of these ideas? Then hop over to NowNovel and add a few of these excellent ideas to your routine:

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