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Please carefully read the Editorial Requirements before submitting a book. We highly recommend submitting this form on a computer rather than a mobile device.

Editorial Requirements (READ BEFORE SUBMISSION)

Books submitted MUST meet the following requirements:

Not sure when you last promoted your book with Best Book Monkey? You can search for your book by CLICKING HERE (opens a new tab).

We reserve the right to reject any book. If you are unsure whether your book would be rejected, please CONTACT US, and we will review your book.

Please ensure that your book’s promotional price is live by 5:00 AM Pacific Time on the day of your promotion with Best Book Money. If your book’s promotional price is not in place by 5:00 AM Pacific Time, we reserve the right to update your promotional pricing with Best Book Monkey or CANCEL your promotion.

Book Promotion Submission Form

Let's Start The Process

If this is the first time you’ve promoted your book with Best Book Monkey, begin the promotion order process by choosing the day that you want to promote your book and the genre of your book.

If you’ve previously promoted your book with Best Book Monkey, please see THESE INSTRUCTIONS for a quick and easy method of re-promoting your book.

About Your PROMO DAY

This is the date that Best Book Monkey will promote your book.

About Your Book Genre

Please select the genre that most closely matches your book. This is the genre in which Best Book Monkey will promote your book.

Tell Us About You

Tell us about the person who is submitting this book promotion order. 

Tell Us About the Book

Please be sure to check your input. The details you submit here will be displayed on our website. 

Check your spelling, grammar, and capitalizations.

If you’d like to note that the book is part a of series, please be sure to include the series name and number in parentheses, e.g. The Betrayal of Ka (The Transprophetics – Book 1)

This is the name that is listed as the author of the book. We’ll use the same name on our website, email newsletter, and social media.

Book Description*

This is all about the book. You can copy your description from Amazon or create a new one.

Please be sure to check your spelling, grammar, spacing, and capitalizations.

180-Character Book Teaser*

THIS IS NOT YOUR BOOK DESCRIPTION. This is a 180-CHARACTER pitch for your book. 

  • Encourage readers to snag a copy of your book by writing a short, catchy teaser that grabs readers’ attention and entices them to want to read your book.
  • We use this pitch on social media, on the book cards on our website, and in the email newsletter.
  • Please do NOT use carriage returns (hitting the Return or Enter key). You may use multiple sentences, but please do not add paragraph breaks.

⬆︎ Proofread your 180-Character Book Teaser again ⬆︎
This is the most common place for us to find spelling and grammatical errors.

  • Go to the book’s KINDLE page (NOT the paperback or hardback or Audiobook)
  • Scroll down to the “Product Details” section and copy the ASIN.
  • An ASIN looks something like: B015D3W2YK (Of course, your ASIN will be different letters and numbers)
  • Paste it into this form field

Books under 15,000 words require:

  • A 4.0 or higher average Amazon Rating
  • At least three reviews on Amazon

Please use your AMAZON.COM Kindle eBook to provide these details. 

Best Book Monkey will promote:

  • Published Books
  • Pre-Release Books
  • Newly Published Books
  • Books without any ratings or reviews

We also understand that there are trolls giving authors bad reviews and low ratings. 

We will reject books that do not meet our Editorial Guidelines listed at the top of this page.

Additional eBook Links

We can include links to your book at other bookstores if your promotion pricing is the same on ALL sites. Please do NOT use link shorteners or universal book links. We need the direct link to your eBook.

Be Sure To Use Your eBook Link — NOT your paperback, hardcover, or profile

🛑 Please include the link to your book’s page on Kobo. This is a Kobo search page. 🛑

🛑 Please include the link to your book’s page on Smashwords. This is your profile page. 🛑

🛑 Please include the link to your book’s page on Goodreads. This is your profile page. 🛑

  • Go to the video page on YouTube
  • Click on the “Share” button below the video
  • Click the “Copy” button in the popup
  • Paste it into this form field

About Your Book Promotion

A few items to remember:

  • Your book must be priced at $4.99 or less on your Best Book Monkey PROMOTION DATE
  • Your PROMO DAY PRICE must be in place by 5:00 AM Pacific Time
  • We do not require Kindle Free Book Promotions or Kindle Countdown Deals, but we do recommend it
  • If you are running a Kindle Free Book Promotion or Kindle Countdown Deal, you must select a PROMOTION DATE at least one day before the end of your Kindle promotion. For example, if you are running a Kindle Countdown Deal from June 3 to June 6, you may select June 3, June 4, or June 5 as your PROMOTION DATE.

Complete the following statement

KDP Select
This is the program from Amazon that enables your book to be included in KindleUnlimited. A book in KDP Select is eligible for Kindle Free Book Promotions and Kindle Countdown Deals.

Your book is “permanently free” on Amazon. To be Perma-Free you have dealt with Amazon’s customer service to set your book’s price to $0.00

We love promoting FREE books, but please note that if you are promoting your book as FREE, you must be running a Kindle Free Book Promotion. A book enrolled in KDP Select does not automatically count as a FREE book.

If your book is NOT priced at FREE on your Promo Day, your book will not be included in our reader newsletter.

Regular Kindle eBook Digital Price 

This is the book’s normal Kindle price. If your eBook Price is greater than $9.99, please input $0.01 and note the greater price in the Questions or Comments​ field at the bottom of this form.

Regular Kindle Price for Perma-Free Books

This is the Digital List Price as shown on Amazon.


Your PROMO DAY PRICE must be $4.99 or less.

Please note that your PROMO DAY PRICE must be in place by 5:00 am Pacific Time on your selected PROMO DATE.

Please note that your Promotion End Date must be at least one day after your PROMO DAY.

In other words, please do not schedule your promotion for the same day that your discount pricing ends.


Social Media Details & Author Links

On your promotion date, we will share your book on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. We will tag you on Instagram if you include your Instagram Username below.

🛑 Please input your Username. 

Do NOT include the @

  • Go to and log into your account
  • Click on the Profile picture in the upper right corner, and select “Profile” from the dropdown.
  • Your username is in two places:
    • in the URL after
    • at the top of the page, below the navigation
  • Copy your username
  • Paste it into the field to the left

If the URL of your Instagram profile is then copy and paste sheaoliver

Add Some Descriptive Hashtags

You may add up to seven hashtags for your book to help social media users find it. 

Any more than seven will be deleted.

Hashtag Tips and Rules PLEASE READ
  • Hashtags can be genre-focused such as #scifinovel, #thriller, or #WesternRomance
  • Hashtags can also be topically focused, such as #dystopianbook, #psychological, or #weird 
  • Hashtags can also be generally focused, such as #amreading, #bookpromo, or #freebook
  • Hashtags do NOT have spaces within the tag
  • Hashtags are only letters and numbers
  • Please add one space in between hashtags
  • Please include the # sign with your hashtags

Social Media Profile Links

You may include up to three additional social media links on your book page on Your Instagram will be included automatically. We support the following social media platforms.

Please include the full URL to your profile.

Social PlatformExample Full URL
Facebook Page, Group, or Profile
YouTube Channel

Additional Author Links

Submit Your Book Promotion

You’ve made it to the final step! We’re looking forward to seeing your book promotion order. 

Questions or Comments

If you have any questions or comments about your book promotion order, please add them here.

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