Don’t Make These Five Mistakes When Writing About Women

Don’t Make These Five Mistakes When Writing About Women


One of the exciting things about being an author is that we get to leave ourselves and be someone else. We get to develop characters. For brief moments, we escape from who we are and jump into the skin of another person. We get to leave the reality of our current existence and be someone else, or at least imagine that we are.

Sometimes, we knock it out of the park. A character comes alive and is so believable that meeting them on the street is a real possibility. Other times, we fail miserably. Writing about characters for which we have no or limited insight is one of those places we may stumble.

Now, we’re not implicating anyone in particular, but let’s be honest, guys often come up significantly short when they create female characters.

If you need a quick tutorial on how NOT to write female characters, Eve Lynch posted an article on Bang2Write that highlights five things that irritate women about how writers craft female characters.

  1. Substituting appearance for personality
  2. Not leaving enough to the imagination
  3. Fixating on wardrobe
  4. Mistaking them for a sexy lamp
  5. Thinking girls only talk about boys


Be sure to check out her article, Top 5 Mistakes Writers Make Writing Women, to dig deeper into her points. You might find yourself improving how you develop your characters.


Best Book Monkey’s Insights

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When inviting people to your beta reading team, try to find individuals who have a different life experience than you. Their insights and reactions to your writing could mean the difference between 5-star reviews and well-deserved harsh criticism of your book.

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