Ten Tips To Help Self-Published Authors Sell More Books

Ten Tips To Help Self-Published Authors Sell More Books

An Author Working on Marketing Her Book

Marketing and selling books are not for the faint of heart. Not all that long ago, the most challenging thing about marketing your book was securing an agent. For the vast majority of authors, we are now not only the writers of our books but also the ones responsible for everything else.

Without a doubt, a plethora of resources exists to help self-published authors. We’ve provide a few of our own with articles such as Book Marketing Strategy: Tips for Self-Publishing and How to Write a Successful Book Marketing Plan for Your Book.

Derek Haines added an article on Just Publishing Advice that identifies ten excellent tips for self-published authors as they work through the overall process of marketing their books.

  1. Write a great book
  2. Social media is a must
  3. Don’t try to sell – learn to market your book
  4. Use every contact point you can find
  5. You must have a blog
  6. Giving away ebooks is cheap marketing
  7. Budget for some paid promotion
  8. Keep your cool
  9. Keep writing
  10. Stay positive
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