Six Principles for Writing Historical Fiction

Six Principles for Writing Historical Fiction

Oberhofen Castle

Historical Fiction can be an intimidating genre in which to write. Endlessly fascinating and rewarding, yes. But still daunting.

If you’re diving right into this genre for the very first time and feeling a little overwhelmed, or if you’re currently a historic fiction author and also trying to find some assistance to assist recover your sanity, after that aid is on the way. Andrew Noakes of The History Quill has put together 6 concrete tips for historical fiction authors– the dos and also don’ts of composing historical fiction.

  1. Establish your own set of rules for when to bend history for the sake of the story—and stick to them.
  2. Do plenty of research—but know what to include and what not to include in your novel.
  3. Include characters who break the conventions and norms of their period—but don’t forget to include context.
  4. Don’t write like you’re in the 14th century.
  5. Integrate the history seamlessly into the story.
  6. Don’t insist on accuracy if it will cause disbelief (but here’s a workaround if you really must).


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