Five Steps to Building and Managing A Book Launch Team

Five Steps to Building and Managing A Book Launch Team

Five Steps to Building and Managing A Book Launch Team

Can you imagine your book launch propelling your latest novel to the #1 New Release on Amazon?

It’s not only possible but with the right team, it’s probable that you can do it. The key is an engaged and willing group of people – your book launch team – that are ready to go on the first day that your book is available for sale. Additionally, they need to be ready to help with promoting your book for at least a week.

Sounds like a huge challenge, doesn’t it?

Let’s not pretend like it’s a simple task, but it is manageable. Building a team that will help you takes planning, time, and effort. And, your book launch team should only be part of your overall book marketing strategy.

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If you are going to be successful in selling your book, you’ll need the support of other people. According to Sarah Gribble, author of Surviving Death, there are five critical steps to building a successful book launch team.

  1. Ask Everyone
  2. Be Clear About What You Want from Your Book
  3. Give Your Book Launch Team an ARC
  4. Keep Your Team Engaged
  5. Reward Your Launch Team


Want to understand in more detail how to build your team? Read Sarah’s article, How to Build and Manage a Book Launch Team at:


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Sarah’s take on building and managing a team is on the money. Excellent article.

While only part of any author’s marketing strategy, the team can make or break your level of success for your launch. Of course, there are many other items that can help make that first day successful.

Hitting the #1 bestselling New Release is awesome, but don’t forget about the categories that you select. Hitting the top spots in your categories can accelerate your sales significantly. Take a few minutes and read The Best Way To Pick Amazon Book Categories [to Maximize Sales] if you need a refresher.

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